I fan over shit, I ship shit, I say shit.

If you are "random - 0mG!!" I will likely be hoping you get an std in the near future.

Anti-SJW, anti-feminist, anti-asshole, I am just a passionate, stubborn person who thinks the world needs to heed my wisdom.

Speak to me if you find yourself needing to speak, or wanting entertainment, or need to fangirl hard.

I am passionate, and I am petty. And sometimes, I'm good for a laugh too.



Living in Sonder

Veritas ♠ Caritas ♥ Aequitas



being black is really wonderful and convenient bc i can just be sitting here in my room like this


and whenever people come looking for me to do stuff i dont even really have to hide all i have to do it turn off my light and


and then when they leave i just 


ive received this question so many times since i posted this yesterday so imma just leave this right here ok  


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There goes my hero, watch him as he goes.

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